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Langley Wedding Photographer // Matthew & Heather

Walking away from this Langley wedding at the Fort Langley Golf Course a few weeks ago I was fully filled…filled with happiness and love from what I had experienced that day. And the word that kept of coming back to mind that would describe this couple and their wedding is the word “full”. My husband laughed at me when I described my feelings about it…but it’s true. FULL is the one word that would describe this couple.

They are full of personality. Full of life. Full of laughter. Full of confidence. Full of joy. Full of emotion. Full of love. Full of communitity and caring. They seem to experience life with no half-cup but everything is overflowing and filled to the brim. If you were in my head and heart right now you would understand…and I hope I am explaining myself well…ha! But as I’m sitting here thinking about their wedding I’m smiling and remembering the moments when they first saw each other and the excitement in their eyes. Matthews look as Heather walked down the aisle. The way his vows squeaked through the church. The joy of being married and sharing that with their family and friends. The personality of dancing and posing and showing off new green apparel. The way their friends loved on them and created special moments at their reception. It was an amazing day and I was just so overjoyed that I got to be there and experience it.

Heather looked GORGEOUS on her wedding day…wow! I remember telling my second shooter Michael (who is AWESOME! Thank you for joining me!)that he wanted to be at this wedding because the couple has amazing chemistry and is super good looking…ha! On their wedding day he agreed…they looked amazing. I often share how brides are radiant on their weddings…which Heather was. But I think that this is a first wedding where the groom SHONE. I don’t know if I’ve ever had such a joyful expression of love throughout a day from a groom who shone so much and radiated so much love towards his bride. It was beautiful and when he gave his vows…I cried alongside with probably half the church. This was a heartfelt day which you will see when you look through the images.

Matthew, Heather…thank you. Thank you for including me in the most beautiful day. You have made my heart so happy and seeing your excitement for marriage has brought joy into my life and home. I am SO excited to see all that happens in your lives to come and can hardly wait to photograph your gorgeous kids…ha! Ok…you can wait a few years but really…you need to have an entire basketball team full of blondy/red, curly headed babes.

Restating what your parents so perfectly summed up, “To the best, newest, greatest looking couple in town. God bless. You are the best.”

To view their Agassiz Engagement photos take a peek here!

Ok…let the image marathon begin!

Heather got ready at her family home. I know I’ve said it before…I LOVE brides getting ready at their homes. Something so special about that! She wanted a photo of her dress with all the flower girl dresses…so cute. The kid cuteness of this wedding was amazing.

Heather was a pretty amazing basketball star at Trinity Western University and I love this image with her “tough on the court” style in the photos put next to her stunning bridal dress from Ivory Bridal.

All her jewelry and the gifts she gave the bridesmaids were from Sweet Piece jewelry.

I LOVE when dads see their little girls for the first time. Such a sweet moment.

While I was with the girls, Michael was with the boys.

Heather and Matthew opted for a first look with an hour for some special couples photos…just the two of them. Well, and the paparazzi in the white van following them:) Can you see his excitement?

Their ceremony was at Willoughby Christian Reform Church and the pastor Mark Glanville, an amazing jazz musician, played the piano for everyone.

Heather’s nieces were too cute walking down the aisle together.

Seeing each other before the ceremony takes none of the specialness or emotion away from the day. Heather and Matthews first time seeing each other as she was walking done the aisle was amazing.

I am in love with these next two images that Michael captured. Wow. Beppe’s looking at Heather for the first time and Matthews emotion during the vows.

Matthew needed to remind the pastor, after the candle lighting and paper signing, that he still needed to kiss his bride for the first time.

We left the ceremony and headed to do more couples photos and their wedding party images! Love this double perspective look.

And then…during the wedding party photos…a groom of mine from last year walked by…ha! He had been skin boarding in Fort Langley that day.

Now, if you have been a part of the wedding circuit you will have seen a lot of similar games…and they are awesome. Shoe game…love it every time. But there are always interesting ways that people get the couple to kiss. One way is that in order for them to kiss you have to demonstrate a kiss and they will copy it…which is what happened at this wedding (include the choosing of some hersheys kisses as well). But friends and family didn’t do the typical ones…nope…a group of friends created a pyramid and a raising of the bride to kiss her groom!

And then spontaneously, though pre-organized, a serenading of the couple began with people all throughout the room joining in song to sing to the new Mr and Mrs Feenstra.

  • Dawn Tuininga Rajala - August 7, 2013 - 5:55 pm

    Beautiful wedding! Beautiful people! Beautiful photos!ReplyCancel

  • Michael Wachniak - August 7, 2013 - 9:50 pm

    I love these! Such an amazing wedding, and I had the best time hanging out with everyone that day! So glad to have been there, thanks Damara!ReplyCancel

  • auke - August 8, 2013 - 8:58 am

    Absolutely the best! You have captured a lot and I’m sure there is more. I am glad you enjoyed yourself as we all did, such a fun day! actually, the whole week prior and post wedding! Thanks you for your gift of photography. Also love the little comments you added. A job well done!ReplyCancel

  • Caroline - August 8, 2013 - 7:16 pm

    Absolutely amazing pictures, Damara! You are so talented and each picture is so beautiful and so perfectly captures the essence of the day: joyful love! What an amazing looking couple too! 😉 The perfect day.ReplyCancel

  • Leanne - August 12, 2013 - 8:35 am

    Wow — I think that pretty much sums it up. You really have captured the joy of this day Damara. What a gift for this couple to treasure – they are so lucky they chose you.ReplyCancel

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