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Knauper Wedding Part 1

The great in her life started when she met him. He had led a charmed life and when she met him…the magic rubbed off and their happily ever after began. She told me this over coffee in the sweet town of Melle, a few days before their wedding and it was beautiful to hear her love of all they have done together and her excitement for all that is to come. I love this couple.

This wedding was so sweet and special to me. The bride and groom are friends and live in the same town of Bissendorf, Germany (just outside of Osnabruck) that my in-laws are in! When Nancy asked me to be a part of their wedding I was SO EXCITED! They are an awesome couple, in love, are good looking:), and have two of the most adorable girls e-v-e-r. Being able to photograph their German wedding adventure was incredible. I am infatuated with German weddings and was thrilled to be a part of another…and now I get to share it with you! There is something about seeing another cultures way of celebrating love and family.

Nancy, Kai…thank you so much for having me a part of your wedding. I absolutely loved every moment and love you two. You are such a special pair and I am excited to see all the amazing things to come in your lives…and to come for play dates every few years:)

This wedding is ginormous…an AMAZING German adventure and so there are two parts to their story here! Yeah for you and an overload of photos!! Enjoy, have fun and comment below.

The day began with the girls at Der Salon, all their hair and makeup getting done, enjoying great food and fun company. I love this part of the day. The girls all together, a low humm of excitement and a bit of stress in the air, anticipation for the day…it’s delicious.

Their oldest daughter, this adorable ball of little cuteness, came and had her hair too. Oh man, it was so sweet. She sat on a booster seat, on an adult chair, had her hair done by a stylist…and was so quiet and serious through it all. This was a pretty special moment for her and adorable to see.

Nancy…you are gorgeous!

Nancy is one of the happiest persons I know. Her seeing herself with the veil and her reaction…it was her throughout the entire day…just so happy and overjoyed with her life.

Afterwards, we all headed to their home to get ready. Nancy had the most beautiful dress and her two little girls had the cutest little flower girl dresses…all three were so excited! I think that Emily might have won the most excited award though…she had waited forever to wear her flower girl dress!!

I LOVE this face. Mia is the cutest, most determined little one ever! I also think she looks just like Kai…you can tell me if you agree!

Nancy’s bridesmaids were amazing. I had the best time getting to spend the day with them! And want to know some fun facts? Ok…here we go:
1. There are twins in the wedding party…obviously.
2. Two of the bridesmaids are dating guys who are…brothers! Isn’t that fun? When…and if…they marry…they’ll be related!! I want a best friend to marry my second imaginary brother! (Teryn….I love you…wouldn’t trade you at all!)
3. There’s a little baby in the photo…yep! Baby number two is on it’s way for a couple with the smiliest boy!
4. In weddings here all the bridesmaids wear whatever dress they want! I LOVE that everyone looks gorgeous, unmatchey and personal!!!
5. Emily and Mia’s godparents are in the wedding party too!
6. These are some of the nicest girls ever.

Something about little, chubby hands that melts my heart.

Kai and Nancy had their first look and portraits at Schloss Gesmold, outside of Melle, Germany. Yep…a castle. So now, for people living around there this is beautiful…but not outside of the norm. For me…is was INCREDIBLE! A castle! “Oh, hey, Damara…we are thinking of having our portraits done the road at this place…it’s just an old castle. Is that all right?” Ummm…YES!!

Kai was waiting there with his groomsman and was all ready to see his bride. He looked just so handsome…and for some reason I think he has a touch of Beckham in him.

I love a grooms reaction to seeing his bride…

…and the brides reaction to her groom.

After the first look, we started with some family photos. So what do you think? Is little Mia the spitting image of her Papa…or am I crazy?

Every little girls needs to princess twirl in her dress.

With the kids and wedding party gone we spent an hour together…a private time for Kai and Nancy…plus me:) I love this time I get to spend with a couple; add in that the couple is ridiculously in love, photogenic and SO EXCITED…well, you have gorgeous portraits and memories forever.

Part Two is coming in the next few days!!!! Looking forward to sharing it with you! Leave your love here…and if you are in love with German weddings as much as I am…then check out more of this awesomeness with these posts! Germany Wedding 1, 2. If you are interested in me being a part of your German Wedding Extravaganza…send me a message!

  • Alysa - October 10, 2013 - 11:10 am

    Wow! Amazing pics!ReplyCancel

  • Ilona Schmidt - October 10, 2013 - 1:18 pm

    Hey Damara
    echt toll,bin gespannt auf Teil 2ReplyCancel

  • Anna Eckl - October 10, 2013 - 9:30 pm

    Damara, du hast dich wieder mal selbst übertroffen. Die Bilder sind einfach unglaublich! Viele liebe GrüßeReplyCancel

  • diane - October 11, 2013 - 7:36 am

    Such a BEAUTIFUL WEDDING..ReplyCancel

  • Nancy - October 11, 2013 - 12:56 pm

    Oh Damara, your comment made me cry! So beautiful… Thank you so much! We had such a great time with you. You really need to come around Christmas! We love you!!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy - October 11, 2013 - 12:58 pm

    Oh Damara, your comment made me cry. SO beautiful… Thank you so much!
    You really should come around Christmas!
    We love you!!ReplyCancel

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