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German Wedding Reception // Knauper Wedding // Osnabruck, Germany

So so SO excited to share this wedding…Part 2!…with everyone! To see their Part 1 go here🙂

This wedding in Osnabruck, Germany…well, outside and around that area…was amazing and I loved getting to spend the time with such dear friends like Kai and Nancy. They are such an amazing couple, with two of the cutest kids, and getting to spend the entire day of their wedding with them was awesome! REally…doesn’t everyone want to hang out with the bride and groom on their wedding day? I do! AND to make it even better…their friends are awesome. I have some of the funniest reception photos of them:)

Now with every wedding there are huge things learned…one of which I will be sharing not far down in the post. And you really don’t want to miss it!! hahahaha. I am slightly embarrassed but it makes a good story so I’ll share it with you all. Let’s just say it involved not understanding German and not understanding what was happening:)

The second part of the wedding day started at their home with photos in front of their wedding wreath/garland that their neighbours made for them. A few years ago I blogged about this (Look here) but in a short form, the neighbours of the couple get together and the men go into the woods and gather boughs and weave them together to form an arch/garland that is put over the door of the couple. On the same day the women make paper flowers to go into the arch. Beautiful, eh? I don’t even know my neighbours…but Kai and Nancy’s put this beautifully together for them. Incredible.

The ceremony took place at a beautiful church down the road and it was simply beautiful. Loved this church.

Nancy had sweet kleenex’s for people as well as ribbons for their cars. After the ceremony all the guests drive in a caravan of sorts, to the reception! There is a huge line of cars all going together. Pretty cool, eh?

Oh Nancy, you are precious. Love you.

And this little cutie. Well, you get to see her progression of breaking free. Her jail of grandma’s legs and a pew could not contain her. She just wanted to be with her mom and dad.

Ok, so here the fun starts. Remember when I told you about me learning something every time? Well, in this situation I learned that I shouldn’t believe everything that I see on tv and that I should not only look forward but maybe all around me when photographing and that asking questions when you don’t speak a language might be a good idea. So, what happened? Well, Kai’ family surprised the couple with doves to release after the ceremony. So beautiful and such a nice thing to do as your first act as a couple. The doves were adorable and the couple touched them, but as I don’t speak much German I quickly got into place to get the dove release. And you know how on tv, when you see doves being released they open a door on the top and the doves fly up and away…so pretty, right?

Well, what I didn’t realize and would have had I looked around at all the guests standing far away and to the sides (I was the only one in this area…which I didn’t realize)…what I realized was that the birds were going to fly RIGHT DIRECTLY FORWARD! No latch on the top and the doves flying up! Latch on the side and doves flying forward….RIGHT TOWARDS ME. So I took photos and quickly dove to the ground so I wouldn’t get hit! hahahahaha. Oh man. It was so funny and I was completely clueless. The following images are not amazing…but are there for a good laugh:)

The reception took place at the Hotel Lingemann and it was such a beautiful reception facility!

Something that I love about German weddings is how many people do gifts. People often gift money but instead of just putting it into a card, they create an amazing gift with it! It is incredible and just so thoughtful. Here are a few examples of how friends got together to make something really cool for their friends. One group made a cake with the money being candles, others made a car out of folded money, some assembled a huge puzzle and hid money inside monuments and others even decorated a “Nancy” tree with kinder surprise money balls!!! Such an effort but so so so special. Next friend of mine who gets married…be prepared!!! Something cool will be coming your way!

The reception started with a bit of mingling and then a Kinder dance for all the kids who might not make it to midnight and all the dancing. It was such a thoughtful addition and the kids (big and small) loved it.

So You Think You Can Dance…get your eyes on this girl! She has amazing moves!

And the wedding soup! I don’t know if it is every wedding, as I have only been to two German ones, but at both weddings the entire reception hall starting clapping for the soup as it was brought out and presented to everyone. Such fun for food!

And then a joke happened at the table I was at. I don’t remember what it was other than the fact that they told it in English (for my benefit) but I couldn’t figure out what it was about. So I laughed along with them! But not as hard…look at these faces!! I hope that they get a big laugh when they see this post:)

Such a handsome couple. Love them.

Nancy put the sweetest power point together for Kai…about why she loves him so much. It was a surprise to him and such a sweet touch to the reception.

Kai and Nancy’s friends put together a fun game for them to play as well! Alex (awesome F.F-I-L.) did the master of ceremonies for it and it was really fun. Alex and his group of friends took photos of the couple and on the back of the photos put instructions of an action that person holding the card had to do. Kai and Nancy would watch the person doing it and then had to find their match…as there were two people with the same card. So a human matching game and perfectly fun for the guests to participate in and for the couple to play!

Partway through the reception the couple had their veil dance. They dance under a veil and in order for guests to dance with them they toss money on the veil and then they step in and get to dance with the bride or groom. It is a beautiful tradition.

At the end of the veil dance the guests tear the veil apart and the person with the largest part of the veil has to do something special for the couple. Traditionally, they would have to purchase the baby buggy when kids came along but now it is a little different and at this one the dj had the winner make a 4 course meal for the couple.

The cake was brought in to the couple with friends having sparklers..sweet. Such a beautiful cake and the really special part is that the couple served pieces to their guests.

Best. Guests. Ever.

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    I had alway wanted to do the ribbons on the guests cars ever since I saw that in Holland. (But I ended up having our wedding&reception at the same location.) These are beautiful photos!ReplyCancel

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