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A new little Etsy store…and a pretty gift in my mail

A beautiful little package arrived in my mail last week…receiving something other than bills is so exciting! It was sent from this awesome being…you might remember Fiona from the Artist Profile I did with her.

Don’t you love the microfilm ribbon?! Then on the inside was a glassine envelope(I think glassine is the word) with a pretty sticker holding it closed.

And a business card…I LOVE this moose!

And then…the “N is for Narwhal” print! I am soooooo excited to put this on my wall…I think it will be in my office, giving some inspiration.

Now, I don’t know if I have every shared my love of…but I love it, well, actually…I LOVE it. There is something about a modern, online craft fair that makes me smile and excited to look at the creativity of people. For my wedding I scoured etsy for hours and found so many little treasures.

Fiona Moes is now on etsy! Head on over and take a peek at what she has for sale. Click here! I am hiding my credit card in the ice box because I want all these animals! Something in me wants a wall covered in framed animal prints. Husband…are you reading this?

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