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Why Damara Needs to Move to Germany…a guest post

A great thing about getting married is getting new family…and my in-law family is awesome. Now, I am not just saying this because they might read this (you know…the speaking German thing) but truly…living across an ocean is so sad. I often dream of popping in for coffee.

When the husband and I were traveling in Germany this summer we received this email from his brother and sister-in-law and it made me laugh so much and perhaps one day this will come true…living near each other. If you missed their wedding photos click here, and here, and here, and here. Daniela and Henning wrote a list of 33 reasons why we should move to Bissendorf, in honour of a post that I wrote for my birthday about 33 random things about me.

Enjoy and add your comments! What are your reasons why to/why not to live in Canada/Germany?

D&H…Ich liebe dich und dich. Danke fur die schoneste Sommer immer und eine Tag wir will in Deutschland leben. I hope:)

In honor of the no. 33 the german view-
or 33 convincing reasons for Götzi & Damara to move back to Germany (at least for a while)

1) You could hang out with the hottest “family-in-law” every day
2) You´ll have a candy shop around the corner
3) My mom will teach you how to make german potatoe pancakes successfully
4) Here you can go to Mc Café as much as you want, as it is way more affordable than other coffee shops
5) We can build “girl-alliances” when we play” Risk” to drive your hot Deutschmann nuts (Henning hasn´t even figured out that we were cheating ;)) (ummm…daniela and I completely cheated at Risk one evening when the boys were too intense for us…it didn’t change the outcome of the game…but was fun…ha!)
6) We could go to the Christmas market in Osnabrück
7) Götzi + Lutzi could go hunting at 4 o´ clock in the morning (without G´s “pushisness” it won´t work anyway)
8) You´ll have better weather than in Canada
9) You´d be fluent in german within a couple of weeks- I´ll make it sure
10) It would take you as a Canadian girl probably about 5 days to see entire Europe (“I drove through- that counts” ;))
11) We can take dancing lessons together- you never know 😉
12) Here you can eat tonns of cheese without getting a tummy ache
13) We can take out for sailing
14) We could start a living community when Henning and I moved to the bigger flat
15) Our kids could play on the sandbox together
16) You could start your own, very very outstanding photo business (and as we know, Europe is tiny, you´d be Europe´s most famous photographer shortly)
17) You can have the delicious Bratwurst and the Spießbraten regularly

18) You would live in a neighbourhood with lovely neighbours, who will make arches for you for special (wedding) anniversaries
19) Here you can drive faster on the highways than in Canada
20) You can buy lots of Bunzlauer porcellan- without being afraid it´ll get broken on the way home
21) We have the best Zoo anyway
22) We could have girl´s nights every week- oh, and buy jeggins on special 😉
23) You would get a “Bunten Teller” every year for Christmas
24) … and the second one at New Years Eve
25) Funerals are way cheaper here 😉
26) We can do snow battles in the winter- girls against boys- without you we´d be lost
27) We could spend a holiday together in Sweden at Knoende- like our german hotties used to do when they were little
28) We could go to the Oktoberfest
29) You would have the best and unique sets for taking pics
30) Bissendorf has a pretty good sport club- I´d come with you
31) It´s easier for you to get the candle supply for your Christmas pyramid
32) The german bread variety is much better
33) We can go Swin Golfen again

  • Brenda - September 29, 2011 - 11:21 am

    This is wonderful.. simply delightful, actually. It kinda makes me want to move to Germany, too. BUT, I must stress this, as appealing as it sounds, Damara, you must stay in Canada, we do not function without you. For real. We need you and your German, because without you life would not be as fun. True story.ReplyCancel

  • Mareike - October 14, 2011 - 11:27 am

    And for the next year:
    reason 34) you can hang out with Daniela and Hennings friend who would love to see you again! 🙂ReplyCancel

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