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That one time we had sun

What is this? A personal blogpost? What?

I know. My blog has been neglected and I want to share more why…these two beasts:) In the gloriousness that is sleepless nights and mystery food you step on at night and poop and tantrums and chasing kids…in all this my time has disappeared and blogging has been put to the side. But I LOVE sharing the workings of family and my business…and I want to share more:)

In that one day the sun came out last week I pulled out the camera…these are the days I want to remember and the times I want to engrave on my heart and mind. And they’re not perfect: faces are covered with bumps and leftover food, clothing is dirty, and we are just playing…there is no perfection, just play…and I LOVE it. These moments of sandboxes and snuggles and chasing and climbing stairs…these are what I prayed for. His answer came in the form of beast 1 and beast 2; children who push me and force me to grow. LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

So enjoy, my dear friends. If I could insert baby giggle shrieks and soundtracks I would.

If there are moments like these that make your heart melt in your own life…contact me. We can capture them together.

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This is our climbing tree and he is oh so proud. One day he’ll realize it is just a hydranga bush.
Damara Moe Photography 013

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