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What I ate

I know…you are probably thinking, “Really? She is going to talk about what she ate?”

Yep! I am.

Part of travel is the delicious newness of things you eat and food is a huge part of culture. SO…I decided to take some snapshots of just a few things we ate:) It’s fun to remember and next time you go on a trip pull your camera out and snap away! We love food…the Food Network is even on while I write this!

Now…please don’t judge too harshly…there was no calorie counting on this trip! There are also a few, “What He ate.” and “What I ate.” You will notice that my husbands choices were significantly healthier. His strategy was to eat something lighter because he knew he would be finishing half of my meal:) But I didn’t share all the time!

What He Ate when we were sitting next to the Frauenkirche in Dresden.

What I ate. Mine was sooooooo tasty:)

Ummm…I ate this too. It was supposed to be a “we eat together” item but it was too good. I fell in love with quark.

What He ate.

What I ate…and THIS is a PIZZA!

I had many of these…not many in one day…but many days of one-a-day. It is cold hot chocolat…think, hot chocolat cooled and mixed with ice cream. Mmmhmmm…you are ooohing right now and rightly so.

Our favourite bread store EVER! In Potsdam…I want this to move to Fort Langley.

Currywurst in Berlin…so so good. I want one of these right now and tomorrow at lunch too please.

These little beauties are from ice cream stores that are everywhere! Tables all outside in the streets and people just sitting and enjoying ice cream.

At a wharf in Wismar we saw people selling fish right off the boat. So we bought some goodies.

This is what I drank while in a super fancy café. Wonderful Coke from a little glass bottle.

This is what I ordered after the husband realized I had ordered Coke in a nice café:) I got a Russian Hot Chocolat…it was very russian.

Niederreger Café cakes.

These are probably the best breakfast buns EVER…they definately tie with my in-laws ones. We had them in Hamburg and truly…you have not tasted bread/rolls/buns like this. So so good. Oh I am homesick for these now.

The breakfast table in Hamburg.

Pickled herring and potatos for lunch one day. It was very unique for me:)

A super fun restaurant we went to in Hamburg…notice the slant of the building? Rather than tear it down they just bad it sturdy and turned it into a restaurant.

We went to the market in Osnabruck one day and came home with all these delicious things for lunch! Mmmm…a divine greek lunch.

Now, on a funny note: while in the grocery store we noticed the “international section” and there was a USA area. Look closely.

Apparently American food is: Crisco, chocolate syrup, Pop Tarts, Cake Mix, barbecue sauce(this is actually challenging to find in Germany), mayonnaise, Cheesewiz, Mac-n-Cheese, microwave popcorn, refried beans and Campbells soup.

  • Lutz Natenhorst - September 8, 2011 - 2:19 am

    So essen die Deutschen jeden Tag, oder?ReplyCancel

  • Lynola - September 8, 2011 - 6:55 pm

    You make me salivate.ReplyCancel

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