Newborn Lifestyle Portraits // Lily Dawn

My friend had a darling baby girl. She is wonderful and sweet and has the beautiful Tuplin way about her. She is blessed and loved and oh so cherished. This family is so fun! And their oldest daughter…oh my. Her expressions are SO FUNNY!!! Johann and her are going to be best buds growing up…she will bring a lot of joy into his life!

So…this was such a hard post to do…I can’t post 554 photos!! I culled them down, put together the most cherished…and had 140. Still too large. So again…painstakingly narrowed down to my top 37…and again realized that I need to show my most precious ones…the ones that shout out this family. And here you have my top 11. Can you believe it took hours to get to this point? But I am so happy to share with you these images that speak to my heart.

Tuplins…I love you and know that God’s hand was in my life when he brought me to Langley Christian. Teaching in the class next to you was what saved me in those first years…that and the 4 large pizzas we would order late at night. I love your little family…excited for our adventures to come. Another surfing trip? sans enfants?

A.T. - April 23, 2014 - 9:47 am

D-Mo! These are sooo good! I don’t envy you the job of narrowing down to just 11 photos. Can’t wait to see the rest!

Pitt Lake Engagement Session // Jeremy & Katrina

Fun adventures seem to happen with a general goal, idea and then a lot of awesome randomness. This is what this Engagement Session at Pitt Lake turned out to be for Jeremy, Katrina and myself…and it was such a blast. Katrina had mentioned that she wanted a mountainy/fieldy/nature feel. With those ideas in mind I searched for the right location and some awesome people on Facebook pointed me towards Pitt Lake…awesome! I looked online, seemed great! And then looked for an address to punch into Google maps; no address, no point to direct the driving was found. That is when the adventure started…how on earth to find someplace where you have an idea of where it is…but really don’t know exactly. We drove, were out of sorts a bit and then I got advice, again from awesome Facebook people, and we found out that getting to Pitt Lake was best the old fashioned way…drive and follow the signs. So so so worth it. I can hardly believe that I have lived in the Lower Mainland for a long time and have never been here. The air was fresh, the whole place seeped calm and warm fuzzy sweaters.

Jeremy and Katrina were such fun to be around. We laughed, she smiled at him…oh man…do they adore one another! And we explored. I am so excited to photograph their UBC Golf Course wedding this summer!! I walked away wishing all my evenings were spent like this…exploring creation and photographing people in love.

Mini Sessions

Awhile ago I asked on Facebook for a couple to model an idea I had…and was COMPLETELY overwhelmed by the interest. Over 30 people responded…crazy, eh?! So I prayed and went with my gut instinct and chose a couple. But then there were all these awesome beings that I wanted to see as well! So what to do?

I did a charity mini-session day and it was awesome! I had always thought about doing mini-sessions but never tried them and this was such a fun day to experiment and see how they function. Each couple was given 20 minutes and received 5 files(all check your emails tonight…files are on their way!)…and they all donated either food or money to the Langley Food Bank. AND…over $200 was raised plus 3 huge bags of food! Pretty great.

The only rules that I had were that the portrait session was for the couple…so many times we don’t stop and get images with our beloved and many of these people had never had a private session since their wedding day. I love that we carved out time to create something beautiful with just the two of them.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out…I had the most wonderful time being with you and wish that we had had hours together to just chat and catch up. Thank you for giving so generously as well.

And as a funny note…this day was accomplished but due to a death in the family, last minute trip overseas, a fire, starting back to work from maternity leave and moving (all in the span of 4 weeks)…the original couple session has yet to occur:)

If you are interested in a mini-session for you/your family/your kids please let me know…I am opening a few mini-session dates for the next seasons.

Sue Contant - March 11, 2014 - 6:18 pm

Ok – #025 absolutely is the MOST entertaining!!

valerie - March 11, 2014 - 5:12 pm

Love the water one and the close up the best….thank you so much that was a fun day

Michelle L - March 11, 2014 - 5:03 pm

Damara these are sooo lovely! What a fun idea :) I hope the selfie with Rob and Marion ends up on the walll.

Dawn - March 11, 2014 - 4:39 pm

Beautiful pics. You are such a talented lady, Damara!

marion - March 11, 2014 - 3:55 pm

LOVE these Damara! Especially of the three of us!!! Hahaha!

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Capilano Golf and Country Club // West Vancouver Wedding Photography // Bassem & Laura

A few weeks ago, amidst the sweet calm that follows Christmas, Laura and Bassem said “I Do”. It was beautiful. Capilano Golf and Country Club was the most gorgeous backdrop for a Christmas wedding full of lights, laughter and a touch of old charm. Laura’s dress reminded me so much of one of the Bennett sisters from Pride and Prejudice…loved it. And it felt like being a part of a family wedding, as this was my second time celebrating with the Websters; Laura’s sister was a bride of mine the year before!!

Laura, Bassem…I was so thrilled to spend the day with you!!! You shone joy and excitement and I loved so much how you would whisper to me about how much fun you were having…that this was the best day EVER! You radiated so much love.

And a big shout out to Faith who came along to second shoot with me!

Laura’s Alfred Angelo dress, from Champagne and Lace, was stunning. Wow.

Oh Laura, you are stunning.

I love that in the midst of the excitement and rushing to get things done…two sisters reached out.

Bassem and Laura chose to do a first look…which I love. They didn’t want a long wait time in between their ceremony and reception as they wanted to spend time with their guests…and so a first look was perfect! It allowed time before to be together, to have fun with their wedding party…and to capture moments like this. Can you sense their excitement?!!!

Loved this wedding party!! It was full of family and friends that have become family.

Flowers by Margarita!

Isn’t her dress stunning! That sheer lace overlay…so so so pretty!

Bassem and Laura have the most easy going, laughter and smiling way with each other.

Their ceremony was at Sutherland Church in North Vancouver and it set the most beautiful stage for their vows! After Laura had seen the inside right before Christmas she was so thrilled because it had been amazingly decorated for the season…and they got to have that as their ceremony backdrop! And truly…the people of the church made something beautiful. This was one of my favourite Christmas church do’s. So pretty.

A unique and special part of their ceremony was that they not only took communion but they served communion to their guests. So special and I had never seen that before. Everyone came to the front and either participated in communion or received a blessing from the pastor.

Capilano Golf and Country Club was decorated with beautiful greenery, red bows and twinkling lights…so pretty and an elegant Christmas set up.

Bassem and Laura entered and went directly into their first dance…choreographed!!! It was awesome and super sweet!

During dinner we went outside to do some creative portraits and have a little fun playing around.

Another Webster sister…I’m thinking 3 girls, 3 years, 3 weddings?:)

One of my favourites from the day…a simple kiss, unplanned, delightfully received.

When looking through these photos I fell in love with these two!! Not only are they darling…but super awesome dancers too!! I think they need to hire themselves out for weddings…bringers of super awesome dancing to the reception.

ONe of the best families ever! Love the Jarvies!!…just missing the best piece, Ali!

Bassem, Laura…thank you for including me in your day. Love you both. Damara