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The time that I spent with this couple at Crescent Beach was full of so many things I love. One…Blackie Spit…beautiful locations with weather and light. Then add a couple that is so comfortable just being with each other and laughing. A guy with a bit of mischievousness. A relaxed evening walking, chatting, watching the sun set, and then a surprise. The surprise you might ask? Well…I often ask my couples to snuggle…I don’t know…I like the word. At the end of the night when I got my selfie with them, let’s just say I was surprised!!! You’ll have to wait and see:)

Carley & Greg…you two are wonderful…thank you for such a great evening. Enjoy the photos!!!

  • Sue Contant - September 5, 2014 - 6:04 pm

    Too much fun! The lighting is stunning in these photos.ReplyCancel

  • diane - September 27, 2014 - 6:46 am

    Love the Sunset Photos..ReplyCancel

What a wonderful evening I spent wandering around the streets just out of English Bay. We walked, explored, watched the sunset and ended the evening with our last photos in the parking garage…thank you for walking me to my car!! Kate and Tobe were so adorable and I think natural in front of the camera…despite thinking they weren’t photogenic…you two have oodles of photos together now:)

I am so looking forward to seeing their faces again in just over a week…yeah for their Stanley Park wedding!!!

Big hugs you two:)

Tim surprised Caitlyn with a one year anniversary session…and it truly was a surprise!!! She had no idea until they pulled up to the park and then got just a touch mad that she didn’t know to do her hair and makeup:) But she looked gorgeous and I love how these images truly translate to who these two are. They love and care for each other in such an accepting way…it is beautiful.

Last year I photographed their engagement session and wedding…and so was so happy to get to spend more time with them this day.

Enjoy you two:)

Love you guys…thank you for being such a blessing in my life…love getting to hand out.

  • Sue Contant - November 7, 2014 - 10:05 pm

    Gotta LOVE #008! #011 shows the depth of your joy in your relationship.
    Congrats on your first anniversary Caitlyn & Timothy.ReplyCancel

Love is Valuable and Vulnerable. It is worth more than $100, more than a fancy pair of shoes, more than a clean home…when trouble arises perspective is needed to make sure this value is seen…a relationship is worth more than all little troubles. Your love and relationship with your spouse is also vulnerable to many things in our lives…like a $100 bill that has worth and yet with a bit of fire is gone…so it needs to be protected.

A few weeks ago I had the honour of being a part of Alex and Meghan’s wedding day at South Bonson Community Centre in Maple Ridge…and the words above (definitely paraphrased) were spoken by their minister as they looked over the Fraser River. Now…it is not often that I remember what a minister says…I go to a lot of weddings:) But these words stuck with me and definitely blessed me and reminded me to focus on what is worth my worry. I think of his words often.

Alex and Meghan cherish one another and their high school romance has seen lots of laughter (they are FUN!!!), some distance with jobs and an excitement for the next steps to come in life. I first met Meghan when she was in high school…I helped coach her basketball…she is awesome:) So when getting ready for this day I was soooooooo excited to celebrate and their day was so wonderful. Vows overlooking the river, a beautiful reception hall, lots of details and gorgeous table settings and table cloths, the funnest families EVER…I loved it all.

Ok…super excited to share the images with you!!!! This post has been waiting a long time to come.

Meghan got ready at her family home in Mission…I love Mission…it is so great! Her family, sisters, sister to be, friends and grandmother were all there to watch her get ready.

I love when Dads see their daughters for the first time.

We met up with the groom at South Bonson in Maple Ridge as he was finishing details at the reception hall and getting ready. He was so cute. Such a mix of excitement and nervousness…GOOD nervousness!! It was adorable.

Meghan does wedding planning at the Ramada and so details were on her mind!! She thought of everything: cute markers on the ground to know where to walk, a chalkboard sign, adorable program fans, water bottles for people…even water at the front of the aisle for the wedding party.

They also had an unplugged wedding! What is that you ask? Well…they asked their guests to enjoy the day and to keep their cameras away during the ceremony. It allowed everything to enjoy the moment and was wonderful!

Your relationship is more valuable than this $100 bill…this is where the speech came in:)

I LOVE this photo!! You know when I said their family were fabulous…well this shows it all. This is Meghan’s reaction to seeing her sisters right after walking down the aisle…it was spectacular. They adore each other and adore celebrating all parts of life together.

Yeah…she has super powers:)

This is Meghan’s sisters giving their speech to her…it was so sweet and funny…as you can tell! Her sisters, a few years older than Meghan, adore her and in one of the speeches even mentioned how their family became complete when Meghan joined them. She is the glue that brings them all together and organizes and plans for them all. It was so sweet.

Around sunset we went outside to do more photos when the light is perfect. It was a lot of fun.

See the height they are getting?

  • Meghan - August 21, 2014 - 10:49 pm

    Thank you so much Damara! These are so amazing! So much fun to look back on the day again :)ReplyCancel